Press release 3 June 2024

Pharmaceutical industry response to pandemic preparedness agreements at World Health Assembly

Press release

On 1 June, member states represented at the World Health Assembly agreed on amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005), alongside the decision to complete negotiations on a pandemic agreement within a year.

Responding to the agreed amendments to the International Health Regulations, Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), Dr. David Reddy, said: 

“Reaching an agreement on revisions to the International Health Regulations reflects the long hours and commitment from negotiators to better prepare for future pandemics. 

“The final package of amendments reflects the complex debate around how to better prepare for the next pandemic, and it will take some time to fully evaluate the detail – particularly as negotiations on the pandemic agreement continue over the coming year. 

“It remains important that the Regulations incentivize pharmaceutical companies of all sizes and expertise to bring their breadth of experience to support the global effort to better prepare for future pandemics.”

Responding to the decision that pandemic agreement negotiations will be extended, to conclude within a year, Reddy said: 

“We support the decision by countries at the World Health Assembly to continue the pandemic accord negotiations.  

“As negotiators take stock on what more needs to be done in this next phase, it is essential that they are able to benefit from the insight of the wider global health community. 

“In the rounds of negotiations that follow, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders should be brought to the table to share experiences and to strengthen an agreement that better prepares us for future pandemics. The expertise of our industry was at the forefront of efforts to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end and will be so again when the next pandemic hits. 

“Our shared priority must be to establish a framework that supports the research and development needed to develop vaccines and treatments, and that puts in place practical measures that ensure they can reach the people who need them – wherever they live in the world.  We remain committed to supporting an agreement that delivers on these ambitions.”


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