Statement 22 June 2023

Statement at the Human Rights Council (HRC) 53 Regular Session: Interactive dialogue on the right to health


The innovative biopharmaceutical industry is committed to working, in collaboration with key stakeholders, to ensure our scientific innovation translates into health care progress, and our products are accessible and affordable to those in need.

We are concerned that the HRC report’s strong focus on transparency, pricing, and the weakening of intellectual property (IP) rights does not reflect the multi-faceted nature of access challenges and will deter from holistic and sustainable solutions to access. Furthermore, the proposals in the report also go beyond international best practices and the HRC’s mandate and competency and are best dealt within the ambit of the relevant international institutions. There are already existing discussions taking place within relavent international instutions on these matters and therefore, the HRC should avoid unnecessary overlaps and duplications.

The innovative biopharmaceutical industry is fully committed to equitable access to medicines, vaccines and other health products in LMICs. It has during the pandemic demonstrated through various partnerships across the world its commitment to a rapid, safe and effective response. For the future, via the Berlin Declaration, industry has expressed our commitment to reserve an allocation of real-time production of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics for priority populations in lower-income countries.

We must also acknowledge what worked well, building on the expertise and capabilities of the private sector, innovation and science delivered. Therefore, it is essential that incentives that enable research and development, collaborations and strengethen public-private partnerships, which includes the IP frameworks, must be respected. In order to be able to address future pandemics, we need to strengthen healthcare systems, remove trade bottlenecks, build a skilled workforce.

As a member of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) 2030 Private Sector Constituency (PSC), IFPMA also supports the recent PSC Statement, including to deliver innovations that respond to the needs of all people including underserved populations, and make these safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

The industry remains committed to constructively working with the HRC in this important discussion.


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