Statement 25 May 2012

WHA 65 agenda item 13.12 on Draft global vaccine action plan


IFPMA Statement under WHA 65 agenda item 13.12 on Draft global vaccine action plan 

Thank you on behalf of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), for the opportunity to provide our perspective on issues related to global immunization. IFPMA represents the global R&D pharmaceutical industry, whose primary contribution to global health is the development of innovative medicines and vaccines.

Vaccination is one of the world’s most important and cost-effective public health measures. It saves more lives than any other public health innovation with the possible exception of improvements in sanitation and water safety. Still three million children die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases; so much more still needs to be done.

As a key partner in immunization, global health, and research and development, the IFPMA, welcomes the vision of the Decade of Vaccines, and lauds the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), as it outlines an ambitious strategy to achieve immunization goals, including sustained funding, higher national prioritization, enhanced awareness of the value of vaccination, the production of high-quality vaccines, and the adoption of a holistic approach to immunization practices.

In order to fully achieve the vision of the Decade of Vaccines, further efforts should be undertaken to refine the plan. This requires clarifying interaction vis-à-vis other global vaccine programs and partnerships; prioritizing objectives and identifying opportunities for synergies amongst them; and defining human and financial resource needs and funding sources. In addition, further dialogue is needed to develop an accountability framework which would define stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, targeted indicators and a monitoring process.

Equitable and sustained access to and use of high quality, safe and effective vaccines can be enhanced through well-functioning competitive market dynamics that reward innovation and strive for sustainable investments and collaboration. For example through recognition of current pricing and procurement mechanisms that have contributed significantly to progress in access of affordable vaccines.

We recognize the potential value of facilitating access to vaccine technology and know-how through voluntary technology transfers, while preserving an environment that supports future immunization research and development through protection of intellectual property rights.

The Decade of Vaccines’ objectives cannot be achieved by countries acting alone. We stand ready to contribute to a country-led, broad-based and collective approach, and work with mutually accountable partners to achieve the GVAP goals. The decisions we make this year, this decade, will have repercussions on future generations – we cannot and we will not fail them.


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