Statement 24 May 2021

WHA 74 – IAPO-IAS-IDF-IEA-IHF-IFPMA-WFPHA-ISN-WONCA Statement on agenda item 13.1 Global action on patient safety


This statement is delivered by IAPO on behalf of IAS, IDF, IEA, IHF, IFPMA, WFPHA, ISN, and WONCA.

We welcome and endorse the decision made by the 148th Session of the Executive Board in January 2021 to recommend that the 74th World Health Assembly consider and adopt the WHO Flagship Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030 (GPSAP 2021-30)

To build back better universal health coverage 2030 we must instil a patient safety culture in the design and delivery the whole healthcare spectrum from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care across the life course to have safe people-centred accessible, acceptable, affordable, and quality healthcare.

GPSAP 2021-30 implementation must engage the patients, their families, and carers in co-creating safe care and strengthen Primary Health Care with family doctors. We must not leave any one out or behind.

Safe care fosters trust in health systems, health professionals and medical products. Trust can be undermined by products and interventions that do not adhere to the highest standards of quality, such as substandard and falsified medicines.

GPSAP 2021-30 must be evidence based and use scientific expertise and patient experience to drive patient safety policies and actions that are appropriate for each care setting.

We urge the WHA 74 to adopt this Resolution.

Thank for your attention.


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