Statement 27 May 2024

WHA77 individual statement on the 14th General Programme of Work


On 27 May 2024, IFPMA submitted a statement to the World Health Assembly on Provisional Agenda Item 17, WHO’s 14th General Programme of Work.

IFPMA welcomes the strategic focus of the 14th General Programme of Work (GPW14) and appreciates WHO’s efforts to consult with external stakeholders, including the private sector, throughout the drafting process. We reiterate our support for WHO’s overarching goal of “advancing health equity and health systems resilience” within an increasingly complex and changing world. There are “longer-term trends emergencies and crises” compared with the era of GPW13 that are significant, multi-faceted, and further complicate the ability of WHO to meet its strategic objectives. We remain fully committed to working constructively with WHO and, while we remain eager to continue our long-standing cooperation, we regret that WHO has not acknowledged the pharmaceutical industry as one of the “key health ‘contributing’ sectors” given our critical role in innovating for global health issues.


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