Statement 6 February 2020

WHO EB 146 Agenda Item 8: Global vaccine action plan


Geneva, 6 February, 2020: IFPMA welcomes a renewed immunization strategy, supporting Heads of States’ commitment to “accelerate efforts towards the achievement of UHC by 2030 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all throughout the life-course”.

IFPMA supports SAGE recommendations, in particular integration between disease-elimination initiatives and national immunization programs as achieved in “Defeating Meningitis 2030”. The main action to prevent and control epidemic is achieving higher coverage of existing vaccines globally and improved prevention strategies.

We are disappointed that more coherence among global strategies did not materialize to maximize the impact of immunization. The recommendations of the IACG on AMR to strengthen national systems for vaccinations and reduce the need for antimicrobials should be addressed with the integration of the WHO roadmap of priority actions for vaccines and AMR in the post-2020 immunization strategy.

Finally, there is an opportunity to significantly strengthen the imperative that government invest more, better, and efficiently in immunization programs to improve infection prevention and control, by setting appropriate national financing targets for quality investments, which minimize out-of-pocket payments by patients and healthy people. An immunized population can drive economic growth, development, and wealth.

The post-2020 immunization strategy offers a unique chance to consider policy changes needed to concretely improve population health and promote health system sustainability through increasing vaccination coverage across the life-course. We look forward to strengthen our constructive collaboration with the WHO.


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