Report 20 September 2022

Facts and Figures 2022: The Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Health


This compendium of facts and figures relating to the biopharmaceutical industry and global health aims to provide a snapshot of the work this industry undertakes today.

This publication examines the most recent available data on biopharmaceutical innovation and global health, access to medicines and healthcare systems, as well as the economic footprint of the innovative biopharmaceutical industry. This includes key insights on the COVID-19 vaccines and treatments that were developed at record speed and manufactured in historic quantities by the innovative biopharmaceutical industry.

This publication underlines the ongoing commitment of the research-based biopharmaceutical industry to improving the quality of life for all people worldwide.

We hope that sharing some of the most recent and relevant facts and figures relating to our work can add value to evidence-based policymaking in the global health arena and foster further consideration for investments in resilient healthcare systems and enabling ecosystems in which further innovation can thrive.