Report 25 May 2020

Generation Gavi: Partnering to protect health through life-saving vaccines


Much has changed in the world since Gavi held its last replenishment conference in 2015, not least the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Against this unprecedented backdrop, the UK will shortly convene Gavi’s donors and partners to address the support and collaboration the Alliance needs to achieve its goals over the next five years. The UK is one of the six original donors to Gavi and continues to be a major supporter, having committed GBP £1.44 billion – or almost a quarter of their total funds – over the past five years.

In its lifetime, Gavi has protected a generation of children; 760 million of whom
are more likely to survive and thrive into adulthood. With a world leading pharmaceutical industry, and a longstanding commitment to Gavi, the UK is well placed to support the international cooperation needed to protect the world
from infectious diseases.

More children have been immunized with a wider range of vaccines than at any time in history

The Investment Opportunity 2021-2025

In the months ahead, the shared ambition and expert collaboration that has come to define Gavi will be needed more than ever, as we work together to protect and advance the remarkable progress that has been achieved, and fight an urgent global health emergency. This new reality demands a renewed commitment to working in partnership. Our success in the years ahead, as in the past, will depend on the strength of this collaboration.

There is no better time than now to agree on how to protect future generations from infectious disease.