External study 24 July 2019

The Global Innovation Index 2019 Report

By SC Johnson College of Business, Insead, WIPO

The Global Innovation Index (GII) ranks the innovation performance of 129 countries and economies around the world, based on 80+ indicators. Co-published by WIPO, Cornell University and INSEAD, the report provides an annual ranking of the innovation capabilities and performance of economies around the world.

This year’s report features a chapter titled “Reaching New Frontiers for Alzheimer’s through Research and Innovation”, penned by IFPMA President, CEO and Chair of Eli Lilly, David A. Ricks, along with Professor Brandy R. Matthews. Falling under the category of medical innovation, this chapter describes the challenges faced by innovators and drug developers in tackling Alzheimer’s, including regulatory barriers and lack of incentives. The solutions included in the chapter point towards incentivizing innovation and preparing for a future where the burden of ageing population on health systems are rising. You can download the full report below.