IFPMA 2014 interview Series: Andrew Jenner’s take on ‘Value of innovation’

Published on: 28 March 2014

In this video, Andrew Jenner, IFPMA’s Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Legal Affairs, gives the pharmaceutical industry perspective on innovation. Despite the growing scientific, intellectual property and regulatory challenges of the past decades, over 340 new drugs have been introduced since 2002 to treat different chronic and non-chronic diseases. This can be considered as a big success story. Watch the video to find out why.

Jenner’s take is essentially based on the value of innovation from two dimensions: clinical and economic. These two dimensions are well demonstrated in two recently launched studies in 2014: the first, carried out by Charles River Associates, Assessing the value of biopharmaceutical innovation in key therapy areas in middle-income countries. The latter is evidenced by WifOR’s “First steps towards measuring the economic footprint of the industry”. To find out more about our organization: www.ifpma.org