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WTOat20 trade means business (video slideshow)


Croplife International, Innovation Insights, and IFPMA organized a cross-industry panel at the WTO Public Forum to discuss how trade has changed over the last 20 years in the fields of agriculture, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. The speakers reflected on how the WTO, through its systems of rules, has contributed to a large extent to creating economic opportunities to all types of businesses, and how strong institutions like CODEX are important to provide the certainty and predictability that businesses and consumers need. They also discussed the linkages that emerge in the three different sectors, and how technology, health food, and agriculture are all interrelated to achieve the sustainable development goals. Finally, they highlighted how partnerships play a key role in the growth of global trade, and what is needed for the WTO to keep up with the current and future pace of innovation, as these sectors are moving very quickly. For more:

30 September 2015│Geneva


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