Falsified Medicines


A Collective Fight

Falsified medicines deliberately and deceitfully attempt to pass themselves off as genuine approved medicines. They represent a serious threat to patients around the globe. It is a complex global health challenge, which requires an integrated, multi-stakeholder approach – led by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Strong coordination is necessary to ensure that all aspects of this global challenge are adequately addressed. Tackling falsified medicines requires strengthening legislative frameworks and regulatory systems, collecting data, implementing effective technologies, and raising awareness. An effective response must engage a variety of stakeholders, including patients, health professionals, public and private organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributers, wholesalers, retailers, and national regulatory and enforcement agencies.

What are Falsified Medicines?

A growing public health threat

Designing and enforcing deterrent legislations

Strengthening regulatory frameworks

Pioneering data collection and policy research

Implementing effective technologies

Awareness raising

Fight the Fakes is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of fake medicines. The campaign gives a voice to those who have been personally impacted and shares the stories of those working to put a stop to this threat to public health. It seeks to build a global movement of organizations and individuals who will shine light on the negative impact that fake medicines have on people around the globe and to reduce the negative consequences on individuals worldwide.

  • Addresses this public health danger with multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration. In particular, strong regulatory and legislative frameworks are needed to tackle falsified medicines, as well as public awareness and coordinated actions by all relevant actors globally.
  • Includes over 30 partners representing healthcare professionals, disease-specific organizations, product-development partnerships, foundations, international financing institutions, wholesalers, pharmacists, mobile application services, coalitions for consumer protection and the generic and research-based pharmaceutical industry.
  • Believes that a comprehensive strategy to combat falsified medicines requires the active participation of all stakeholders, leveraging competencies at local, national and global levels.
  • Creates a global movement of organizations and individuals united against falsified medicines, giving a voice to those who have been personally impacted and who are working to stop this crime.
  • Provides a campaign website as a resource for organizations and individuals, sharing resources, outlining opportunities for action and reporting what others are doing to fight falsified medicines.