Statement 15 February 2023

WHO briefing for relevant stakeholders on the Zero Draft WHO CA+


On 15 February, IFPMA attended a WHO briefing for relevant stakeholders on the Zero Draft WHO CA+ in Geneva and delivered a statement on industry’s preliminary comments.

The current WHO INB Zero Draft features a series of valuable points including the importance of universal health coverage and health systems strengthening, which will be instrumental in future pandemic preparedness. Unfortunately, it also brings proposals that would jeopardize our capacity to efficiently prepare for the next pandemic, such as the IP waiver and transactionally linking access to pathogens and sharing of benefits.

As the Accord further evolves, the innovative pharmaceutical industry encourages the INB to take stock of the lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic to preserve what worked well and avoid unnecessary overlaps and duplications, including the mandate and expertise of other multilateral organizations’, such as WTO and WIPO.

The Accord should acknowledge that a multistakeholder structure is the only viable solution to managing pandemic crises. The system should build on the private sector’s strengths for innovative R&D, quick manufacturing scaling up, and global supply chain management. The private sector should be seen as a critical partner in preparedness, response, and recovery, and should have a seat at the table. Policies discussed at the INB should enable and not hinder the private sector’s ability to fulfill its unique role.

We encourage a close coordination between INB and IHR review processes, as well as the multiple parallel discussions on reforming the global health architecture, including at G7 and G20. This would facilitate our collective ability to rapidly develop and scale up counter measures and ensure equitable access. The industry remains committed to constructively working with both the INB and WGIHR in these important discussions.


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