Statement 5 June 2023

G20 3rd Health Working Group Meeting: Digital health innovations and solutions to aid Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and improve Healthcare Service Delivery


On 5 June, IFPMA delivered a statement on Priority III “Digital health innovations and solutions to aid Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and improve Healthcare Service Delivery” at the G20 3rd Health Working Group Meeting in Hyderabad.

We support the premise that digitally enabled solutions can deliver significant potential improvements to health care delivery and outcomes and have the potential to bridge the equity gap in access to quality health care.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry has given concrete attention to identifying key opportunities for digital health, together with a set of enablers and barriers and proposed policy solutions toward fully leveraging digital solutions.

With the mainstreaming of data-enabled approaches and the utilization of new technologies such as AI algorithms and machine learning, establishing a fit-for-purpose ecosystem that can deliver this change is a core need. We have already outlined what we believe are key principles concerning data and AI ethics.

While that data collection and use is underpinned by appropriate privacy and security rules and laws. In an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative that cross-border data flows are not unduly hindered, that our innovation ecosystem recognizes, protects, and rewards innovation, and that regulatory and payment frameworks are well-adapted to the new realities.

Data should also be inclusive, of sufficient quality, shared responsibly, and grounded in ethical use.[1]

The private sector is already delivering digitally enabled solutions to improve the health of patients worldwide and we urge the G20 to include the private sector in any proposed new initiative/governance mechanism.

[1] For more information: and


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